AGM 2021

Additional Questions & Answers

The PUREVAP related sales in the MDA-Q1-2021 were reported at $625,086. The detailed breakdown has never been public; therefore, we cannot disclose that information.

In PyroGenesis’ 2020 Annual Information form, the following was mentioned.

“According to the Naval Vessel Register, as of December 2020, the U.S. Navy fleet comprises approximately 497 ships of which approximately 263 are active in commission. Of these active ships, 11 are aircraft carriers, 12 are loading docks and 2 are amphibious command ships. The Company believes these group of ships would be the most likely candidates for a retrofitting of their legacy waste management systems with a PAWDS.”

Although we mentioned that these group of ships would most likely be the best candidates for a retrofit with PyroGenesis’ Plasma Arc Waste Destruction System (PAWDS), PyroGenesis has not actively pursued this given the other opportunities in the marketplace. However, the Company continues to believe that the latter remains an opportunity as a long-term project and that we will probably be best positioned to aggressively market this capability once the existing PAWDS have more time under their belt at sea.