Hazardous Waste Destruction (PACWADS)

Hazardous Waste Destruction

Safely Destroying Chemical Warfare Agents in the Field

PyroGenesis’ tactical PACWADS system destroys Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) with over 99.9999% of destruction efficiency, and without creating hazardous by-products. Originally created for a multi-national military consortium, and developed further with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the US-based Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), the tactical PACWADS destroys in situ and safely up to 2 barrels per day of CWAs, such as Sarin (GB), Mustard (HD), and Soman (GD). Using a 5000˚C plasma torch, a compact tactical PACWADS reactor, and associated self-container gas cleaning equipment, PyroGenesis’ system allows warfighters to rapidly set up and disassemble two readily-deployable, mobile -20 foot container gas cleaning equipment in 2 hours only.

  • 99.9999% (6N) destruction efficiency
  • Mobile: easily transportable
  • Quick set up & disassemble
  • In situ destruction
  • Destroys organic & aqueous binary CWAs with no modification to the system
  • Able to destroy any liquid waste
  • Easy to operate
  • Non toxic Saturated Salt Effluent