Plasma Torches


For over 20 years, PyroGenesis has been manufacturing plasma torch systems for some of the most demanding applications in the world. Waste-to-energy applications, advanced material production, metallurgical processing, thermal treatment and nanotechnology manufacturing are but a few of the diverse applications developed by our team for PyroGenesis plasma torches.

As a cleantech alternative to fossil fuel burning, our electricity-driven plasma torch systems are easy to operate and offer a high level of safety, reliability and service life of wear components. PyroGenesis systems have been selected by a renowned list of satisfied customers, including the US Department of Defense. Customer satisfaction is paramount; we provide customized, versatile solutions to exceed customer expectations.

PyroGenesis Plasma Torch Solutions come with the following features and benefits:

  • Automated, easy to operate touch screen user interface
  • Lightweight, compact, intrinsically safe design
  • Supply complete turnkey solution, with power supply, water cooling skid and adaptability for multiple torches
  • Full integration with customer process control software
  • 1 year guarantee, with complete start-up and after-sales service available, including remote monitoring
APT Plasma torch


APT – Long electrode life solution for waste-to-energy, ash vitrification, steel tundish heating, titanium melting and heating, nanomaterial production, thermal treatment and an assortment of applications in the Environmental, Metallurgical and Oil & Gas industries .

SPT Plasma torch


SPT – Steam plasma solution for refrigerant destruction, hydrocracking and heating in the Petrochemical Industry, controlled purification and surface treatment in the metallurgical industry.

RPT Plasma torch


RPT – Reverse polarity, high enthalpy solution, specifically targeting spherical reactive metal powder and nanomaterial production

MINIGUN – Small, flexible solution for thermal spray coating as well as small scale research and development, ideal for university and industrial research.

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