SPT torch

SPT Plasma Torch

Developed to combat Montreal Protocol-regulated ozone depleting substances such as CFC and HCFC, the SPT plasma torch is an integral part of our developed refrigerant destruction technology, SPARC. Ionizing water into a heightened energy state, the SPT creates highly reactive conditions to completely destroy feedstock chemicals (including HFC and PFC), to clean effluent gas streams, or to control C-H ratios in hydrocracking and biomass gasification applications. Available currently at a power level of 150 kW, the SPT is a novel, innovative tool which can provide your plant engineer or lead scientist with a new level of processing flexibility not previously available in the market place.

DescriptionNon-transferred DC Arc, button style, Vortex stabilized
Length20’’ min. (0,51 m)
Diameter4’’ (0,08 m)
PowerUp to 150 kW
(3 to 1 turndown ratio)
Electrode LifeCathode : 1000 hours
Anode : 200 hours
GasMain: Steam (H2O)
Sheath: N2, Ar
SafetyElectrically isolated torch cover design, lockout system, completely automated system
ApplicationsDestruction of refrigerants and other CFC, HCFC, HFC, PFC, Hydrocracking, Surface Treatment, biomass and coal gasification