High Powered Plasma Torch

A direct replacement of fossil fuel burners in industrial applications, greatly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Over 30% of global GHG emissions are derived from the energy-intensive industry sector.  The size of this problem necessitates the implementation of mitigation strategies beyond those geared towards energy efficiency. PyroGenesis’ proprietary APT-HP plasma torch presents an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel burners by producing clean thermal energy from low-carbon electricity for use in industrial applications.


  • Reduces GHG emissions by up to 250 tonnes CO2e per GW-h*
  • Reduces SOx emissions to zero, eliminating SO2 acid rain contributions
  • Reduces VOC and heavy metal emissions to zero, improving air quality for human health
  • Reduces operating costs by up to 30%
  • Eligible for carbon credits
  • Awarded Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label (details here)

*Or 70 kg CO2e per MMBTU when hydro power is available, vs fuel oil


The high power of the APT-HP torch generates a plasma plume exceeding 5,000°C and transforms materials to valuable products. The APT-HP offers a lightweight, vortex-stabilized, compact configuration which can be retrofitted into existing installations such as iron ore furnaces* and cement kilns, featuring long electrode life, low maintenance, automated operation, and a high level of safety and reliability.

*Patent protected

DescriptionNon-transferred DC Arc, button style, Vortex stabilized
Length40’’ to 6 feet (1 – 1.8 m)
Weight75 kg
Diameter6’’ (0.15m)
PowerAPT-HP – 200 kW to 2 MW (scalable)
Electrode LifeCathode: up to 1000 hours
Anode: up to 500 hours
GasAir, N2, others available
SafetyElectrically isolated torch cover design, lockout system, completely automated system
ApplicationsIron Ore Pelletization (Patented), Steel Tundish Heating, Cement pre-calciner heating, Metallic Dust
Recovery, MSW Gasification, Incinerator Ash Vitrification, Asbestos Vitrification, Radioactive Waste
Disposal, etc.