Waste-to-Energy (PRRS)


Our Ground-Breaking Plasma Waste-to-Energy Solution

Proven out by the US Department of Defense (DoD), the PRRS harnesses the power of plasma to provide industry, municipalities and the defense sector with a comprehensive, all-encompassing solution to waste management, while producing much-needed clean energy to meet our growing needs. Our team has integrated flexibility and versatility into the PRRS platform, giving it the ability to both process virtually any form of waste, and to generate clean energy and marketable construction materials, completely eliminating the need for landfills. The PRRS is available in capacities ranging from 1 to 100 metric tons per day per module.


  • Processes a wide variety of wastes (MSW, hazardous, biomedical, etc.), transforming it to electricity, steam, hot water, and/or liquid fuels
  • Inorganic waste feed transformed to an inert, non-toxic glassy slag (building material for construction)
  • A one-stop, waste-to-energy solution for remote communities
  • Reliable, easy-to-operate and maintain with minimal manpower requirements


Using the proprietary two-step plasma-based technology, operating at extreme temperatures under gasification conditions, the PRRS transforms waste to syngas, a gaseous fuel which can then be used to make electricity, heat or liquid fuels, all to the end-users exacting requirements. Using PRRS, the inorganic fraction of the waste generates a glassy slag which is inert and non-toxic, and has been demonstrated to be effective as a building material for construction.