APT Plasma Torch

Our APT torch is at the heart of our proprietary plasma waste processing and waste-to-energy technologies and have been deployed by the US Department of Defense. Developed by our team initially as a game-changing solution for waste destruction and subsequent energy recovery, the plume from an APT can reach more than 5000oC, an excellent tool for the transforming of materials to value-added products. This torch can be modified for uses with different gases and reach power levels ranging from 50 kW to 500 kW. Available in a light weight (magnet-free), compact configuration, the APT offers an electrode service life which can exceed 1000 hours of continuous operation in a multitude of other applications in the metallurgical, advanced materials, nanomaterial and oil & gas sectors.

DescriptionNon-transferred DC Arc, button style, Vortex stabilized
Length16 ’’ to 16 feet (0.4 – 5 m)
Diameter4.2 ’’ to 12 ’’ (0.1 – 0.3 m)
PowerAPT – 50 to 500 kW
APT-HP – 500 kW-1 MW
Electrode LifeCathode : 1000 hours
Anode : 500 hours
GasAir, N2, O2, Ar, Ar + CO, Ar+CO2 and their mixtures
SafetyElectrically isolated torch cover design, lockout system, completely automated system
ApplicationsWaste treatment, gas heating, R&D, advanced materials production