Plasma Atomized Metal Powders

PyroGenesis Additive, a division of PyroGenesis Canada Inc., the inventor of Plasma Atomization, specializes in providing plasma atomized spherical metallic powders with some of the most spherical, pure, dense, and highly flowable properties, which are highly sought after in the Additive Manufacturing (“AM”) Industry. With PyroGenesis’ extensive plasma expertise, PyroGenesis Additive is not only able to convert traditional metals and alloys into high purity spherical powders, but also creates specialty powders on an exclusive basis. The versatility of the process allows PyroGenesis Additive to quickly adapt to a customer’s needs in terms of controlling the Particle Size Distribution (PSD) of the bulk powder, it can produce any size cut with little to no waste which is game changing for the industry as it significantly reduces costs to the end-user. The metal powders produced by PyroGenesis Additive are ideal for the additive manufacturing, aerospace, biomedical, thermal spray, and metal injection molding industries.

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