RPT torch

RPT Plasma Torch

This reverse polarity torch has been used since 1991 to provide a high energy, clean environment for the production of spherical metallic powders, the fabrication of high purity metal, gas heating, production of carbon nanotubes and more. Already used in the developed plasma atomization technology for spherical reactive metal production, the RPT offers flexibility, as well as a simple and efficient mode of operation for our customers and requiring high enthalpy plasma systems for their applications. With a very low level of erosion, the RPT is ideally suited for the production of high purity advanced materials and nanomaterial.

DescriptionNon-transferred DC Arc, tubular, vortex-stabilized
Length12’’ to 48’’ (0,30 – 1,22 m)
Diameter2.75’’ to 8’’ (0,07 – 0,20 m)
Power5 to 80 kW
Electrode Life800 hours (anode & cathode)
GasHe, N2, H2, Ar and their mixtures
SafetyElectrically isolated cover design, lockout system, completely automated system
completely automated system
ApplicationsProduction of high purity materials and nanomaterials (alloys, nanotubes & fullerenes), R&D, waste treatment, thermal spray coatings