Plasma Fired Steam Generator

From Dirty Water To Steam In One Step

PyroGenesis’ Plasma Fired Steam Generator (PFSG) uses dirty water as feed stock to directly generate steam suitable for Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) for the Oil & Gas industry. This compact system is highly tolerant to water quality, only uses electrical power, and can be easily moved from one well to another allowing significant reduction of the length of steam pipelines. As no treatment of water is needed, PyroGenesis’ PFSG allows the customer to significantly reduce their cost, which is a real advantage in the industry.


  • > 95% efficiency
  • Small & modular:
    • can be moved easily from one well to another
    • no steam pressure lost (no long steam pipeline)
  • no water treatment cost
  • highly tolerant to water quality


The SAGD water is stored in a tank close to the PFSG. A high pressure pump (dirty water pump) is used to pump the water into the PFSG, which directly produces steam at high pressure.