Hurlburt Field US Air Force

Hurlburt Field US Air Force


 Base Waste-to-Energy Solution

Project Name Transportable Plasma Waste-to-Energy System
Customer US Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC)
Location Hurlburt Field, Florida, USA
Delivery Operational late 2010 – Official acceptance June 2011
Products/Services PRRS Plasma Waste-to-Energy SolutionAPT Plasma Torch
Capacity 3,100 metric tons per year
Feed Municipal, Industrial, Hazardous and Biomedical Waste
Energy Electricity from Internal Combustion Engine (420 kW)
Pyrogenesis Role Turnkey delivery of the facility, including building and infrastructure, Project Manager, Equipment Provider, Subcontracted Operator of the Facility
Other stakeholders US Dept. of Defense Foreign Competitive Testing (FCT), USAF Surgeon General, Canada (TEAM), Quebec (PDTV), Gulf Power


PyroGenesis was awarded by AFSOC the contracts to design, procure, fabricate, install, commission, start-up and operate the plant at Hurlburt Field. The initial contract was given on a turnkey basis, as the team was also responsible for the site preparation, building construction, environmental permitting and overall project management.

PyroGenesis successfully took base-generated waste and produced electricity from this waste, while generating slag. In doing so, PyroGenesis established a North American first, as being the first facility to use plasma gasification to generate energy from unsorted waste. This project has become the foundation for the scale-up of the PRRS technology to 100 metric tons per day.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]