Low Power Plasma Torch Waste Vitrification Testing

Project NameMinigun Plasma Torch System for Small Waste Vitrification Reactor
CustomerUniversity of Florida, Department of EnvironmentaL Engineering Sciences
LocationGainesville, Florida, USA
Products/ServicesMINIGUN Plasma Torch, Engineering Services
Capacity25 kW
FeedArgon Gas
Pyrogenesis RoleDesign, fabricated, assembled and delivered complete Minigun plasma torch system, including adapting flange, water cooling skid for torch AND reactor. Start-Up Services provided as well.
Other stakeholdersn/a

Low Power Plasma Torch

The university had received a small used furnace for performing experiments with waste at high temperatures, but they did not have a working plasma torch. After consulting the team, PyroGenesis recommended supplying a 25 kW Minigun Plasma Torch System, with touch screen interface, control and gas cabinets, a power supply, and a water cooling skid. The torch was also designed with an adaptive flange specific to the reactor port where the torch would be fitted. A change order was issued midway in the project to scale up the cooling skid to provide water cooling capacity for the reactor as well, a change which was easily integrated into the project.

The project was delivered on time and within budget. A technical professional was on hand for the start-up of the system. Fully-illustrative installation, operating and maintenance manuals were also provided.

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