Pilot Demo System


Project NameHazardous Waste Pilot Demonstration System
CustomerNational Technical University of Athens
LocationViotia Region, Greece
DeliveryMay 2002

Products/ServicesPAGV, Engineering Services, Reactors,
Capacity50 kg/h
FeedHazardous waste
Pyrogenesis RoleSystem Supplier (Design and Build)
Other stakeholdersEuropean Union LIFE program

Technical University of Athens Pilot Demo System

PyroGenesis designed and built a turnkey pilot demonstration plasma waste treatment system for the National Technical University of Athens. The purpose of the project was to demonstrate the ability of plasma technology to safely destroy hazardous waste, while producing minimal emissions and secondary waste.

The system consisted of a melting plasma furnace, gas fired secondary combustion chamber, gas cleaning system including a quench, venturi, and wet scrubber. All equipment was designed and fabricated by PyroGenesis. Fully automated by a PLC, the whole system was preassembled on skids, making installation and deployment extremely efficient.

The system was delivered by our team on schedule and demonstrated the ability of plasma technology to safely destroy hazardous waste.

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