Refrigerant Destruction


Project NameSPARC for Refrigerant Destruction
CustomerRecyclage EcoSolution (RES)
LocationLaval, Quebec, CANADA
DeliveryEnd 2013

Products/ServicesSPARC, SPT Plasma Torch, Engineering Services, Reactors
Capacity50 kg/h (based on R12)
FeedR11, R12, R134a, R141
Pyrogenesis RoleTurnkey supplier of complete SPARC System, including supervision of commissioning and start-up, supported permitting
Other stakeholdersNational Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), Technoclimat, Corposana Capital, City of Laval, MDDEFP

SPARC - Refrigerant Destruction

PyroGenesis delivered and started up the company’s first commercial scale SPARC unit at RES, a Canadian refrigerator recycler. Using licensed technology, RES captures refrigerant from both the compressor and the insulating foam of the refrigerators, and as such, were seeking a more cost-effective means of destroying these chemicals versus third-party hazardous waste incineration.

The SPARC was delivered by the team on schedule, within budget, and was shown at full capacity to destroy R12 at an efficiency of over 99.99999% (i.e. 7 “9s”), to the best of our knowledge, a World’s first. The system has also been shown to substantially reduce the company’s operating costs for refrigerant waste management.

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