Tactical PACWADS


Situations that have recently developed, particularly in Syria, have brought to the forefront the striking need for a safe, versatile, and efficient mobile system, deployable on a moment’s notice to eliminate chemical warfare agent (CWA) stockpiles. In fact, the worldwide inventory of CWAs, both home and abroad, poses an immense risk to military personnel and nearby civilians, either from accidental release or from the CWAs entering into the enemy’s hands.

Using as a platform the US Navy-selected and team-developed PAWDS process for waste destruction on board the Gerald R. Ford Class aircraft carriers, the Tactical Plasma Arc Chemical Warfare Agents Destruction System, or Tactical PACWADS is designed to rapidly and safely destroy a wide range of chemical warfare agents (CWAs), as well as their precursors reagents in the field. As opposed to the risky proposition of transporting enemy CWAs to another location, putting soldiers and civilians at risk to ambush and to the catastrophic release of these highly toxic chemicals, the Tactical PACWADS would be used in situ to destroy CWAs such as Sarin (GB), Mustard (HD), and VX

Using a 5000°C plasma torch, the compact Tactical PACWADS reactor and associated self-contained gas cleaning equipment, will allow the warfighter to rapidly set up two readily-deployable, mobile 20 foot containers and safely destroy up to 2 barrels per day of CWAs.

tactical pacwads

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