PAWDS Marine

Recognized by the US Navy as the premier shipboard waste processing technology in the market, the Plasma Arc Waste Destruction System (PAWDS) is the world’s most compact, easy-to-operate, high temperature, plasma-based waste treatment system. With one-button rapid start-up and shutdown capabilities, PAWDS effectively destroys combustible wastes such as paper, plastics, food, oily rags, as well as waste oil, all with minimal segregation. Developed by our team in partnership with the US Department of Defense, PAWDS has been specified into all of the Gerald R. Ford Class supercarriers, and has been ordered by their contracted shipyard for their first two ships in this class: the CVN-78 USS Gerald R. Ford and the CVN-79 USS John F. Kennedy.

Available at its standard 200 kg/hour capacity, but adaptable to various means of energy recovery and easily scalable both upward for cruise ships and downward for frigates and destroyers, PAWDS has received from Lloyds Register MED Type Approval for the processing of solid waste and sludge oil, confirming its stature as THE standard in the market.

Features & Benefits of PAWDS for marine use include:

  • Very compact design: Impressive space savings for newbuilds and retrofits
  • Fully automatic / sailor friendly one man operation
  • Rapid start-up and shutdown (no refractory/brick)



Bags of waste are fed to a shredder, followed by a mill, transforming the feedstock into a powder, or lint-like materials. These tiny particles (or waste oils) are fed continuously to our patented plasma-fired eductor and chamber, which completely obliterates the waste. The offgases are immediately quenched to prevent dioxin and furan formation, and subsequently cleaned and exhausted to the atmosphere.


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