Already the US Navy’s choice for the Gerald R. Ford Class of aircraft carriers, the Plasma Arc Waste Destruction System for Land (PAWDS-Land), being the world’s most compact, easy-to-operate, high temperature, plasma-based waste treatment system, is perfectly suited to meet the demands of remote communities and camps (mining, military). Open pit burning generates toxins in the air; open field dumps generates toxins in the water table, and an engineered sanitary landfill is extremely costly in these locations. Developed by our team in close collaboration with the US Department of Defense, PAWDS-Land cost effectively destroys community-generated wastes, while generating excess heat which can be available for heating buildings or for greenhouses, and all the while exceeding local environmental regulations.

Available at its standard 200 kg/hour capacity, PAWDS can be turned on and off rapidly in minutes, unlike standard incineration technologies which need to be kept running to work its best. As such, with its flexibility, PAWDS can accommodate 4 hour, 8 hour or even up to 24 hour operation, all depending on the community’s needs or requirements.

Features & Benefits of PAWDS-Land include:

  • Compact design: five 20-foot or three 40-foot rugged-design containers needed for up to 5 metric ton per day operations
  • Fully automated system: one button start-up
  • Rapid start-up and shutdown up and running within minutes
  • Safe design
  • Heat can be captured and reused by the community



Bags of waste are fed to a shredder, followed by a mill, transforming the feedstock into a powder, or lint-like materials. These tiny particles (or waste oils) are fed continuously to our patented plasma-fired eductor and chamber, which completely obliterates the waste. The offgas is immediately quenched to prevent dioxin and furan formation, and subsequently cleaned and exhausted to the atmosphere. Optionally, the waste heat can collected from the process for use within the community.


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