Process Development


Having provide world-class technology development and commercialization services for over 20 years to demanding customers like the US Department of Defense, PyroGenesis offers Process/Product Development Services to industry and academia looking for lab, pilot or full-scale technical support with new ideas for innovation products or game-changing processes. With our unique blend of R&D, engineering and commercialization background in high temperature processing, our team is ready to jump into action, accompanying the customer from proof-of-concept, to bench-scale testing, to increasing-capacity pilot-scale testing, to protoptyping and finally to full-scale implementation of the new process or product, all with customer satisfaction and complete confidentiality in mind.

Features & Benefits of our Development Services here include:

  • Process and Equipment Design Expertise in:
    • Mineral and Metallurgy Processing (ex. fumed silica, titanium, silicon, nanopowder)
    • Environmental (municipal, hazardous, biomedical waste; sludge oil and chemical processing)
    • Petrochemical (hydrocracking, gasification)
  • Equipment and infrastructure for lab and pilot work (ex. refractory-lined or water-cooled vessels, pumps, instruments, etc.) available in our 38,000 ft2 Technology Development Facility or through our extensive network of industrial and academic partners.
  • Analytical Service available (SEM, XRD, TEM, PSD, EDS, etc.)
  • Thermodynamic Process Simulation and Modeling Services available (Metsim, Aspen, HSC)

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