Features & Benefits of DROSRITETM include:

  • More than 20% higher metal recovery than with third party treatment
  • Lower operating cost than using a subcontractor
  • Recyclable non-hazardous residue with no atmospheric emissions – zero landfill potential
  • Lower carbon footprint, ideally for large greenhouse gas emitters such as smelters
  • With in situ treatment, DROSRITETM serves as an excellent tool to control skimming practices

Demonstrated in over 100 industrial trials by our team, DROSRITETM is a salt-free, highly cost-effective, sustainable process for maximizing metal recovery from dross, targeting mainly the aluminum and zinc industries. Treating dross at its source of generation in a controlled-atmosphere, tilting rotary furnace, DROSRITETM avoids costly loss of metal, while reducing a smelter’s carbon footprint and energy consumption, providing an impressive return on investment. DROSRITETM is the next evolution in green smelting practices for primary, secondary and tertiary metal facilities.


DROSRITE - Maximising Metal Recovery from Dross

DROSRITETM is a batch process where hot dross is introduced into an argon-filled rotary tilting furnace, quenching any oxidation reaction. The furnace is rotated to separate out the metal phase from the non-metallic. The molten metal is removed and then returned to the holding furnace, while a controlled amount of oxygen is introduced to the furnace to heat up the non-recoverable metal remaining in the residue. Some of the residues are then discharged, but the remaining residue, along with the heat build-up from the oxidation ensures that the furnace is ready to receive the next batch.

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