Advanced Materials Processing


PyroGenesis has become the partner of choice for the US Department of Defense and other multinationals as their technology development resource for waste processing and waste-to-energy applications. Yet, at its roots, PyroGenesis was an advanced material and metallurgical company first!

For example, PyroGenesis did some pioneering processing work in the field of fullerenes (buckyball), the forerunning materials for what we now know as carbon nanotubes and graphene. All this work was performed before the term “nanotechnology” became part of our everyday vernacular.

PyroGenesis also used plasma and HVOF techniques to apply thermal spray coatings onto aerospace and engine parts, as well as severe service ball valves. PyroGenesis also used its proprietary plasma atomization process to produce highly pure, spherical titanium and titanium alloy powders, now the standard feedstock for 3D Printing applications.

With plasma operating on “greenhouse gas-friendly” electricity only, PyroGenesis can provide real cleantech solutions to industry. Through innovation, collaboration and partnerships, our team of innovators have developed an array of plasma processing approaches which can bring value to organizations in the fields of mineral, metallurgical and materials processing, in areas such as:

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