Electrical Control Panel Builder

Electrical Control Panel Builder

  • Montreal
  • This position has been filled

Job Overview

The Electrical Control Panel Builder will be responsible for the construction and wiring of electrical control panels, cabinets and on-site wiring of instrumentation, communications, and electrical connections.

Responsibilities & Tasks

  •  Provide a bullet-point list of job-related responsibilities and tasks
  •  Install components according to schematics and panel layout drawings
  •  End-to-end panel wiring
  •  Read layout diagrams to perform electrical assembly
  •  Identify electrical components such as PLCs, I/O modules, power supply, etc.
  •  Panel wiring with different sizes and colour coded wires
  •  Drilling and tapping of electrical panels
  •  Layout panel conduit and electrical components
  •  Ability to work with punches, jigsaws, hole saws, etc.
  •  Route and carefully terminate the harness
  •  Ability to use hand and power tools that are required for the job
  •  Work independently with little or no supervision
  •  Keep the work area safe and clean
  •  Keep good written records of work, completing ISO documentation
  •  Perform other duties as required by the immediate supervisor and for which the person is qualified

Education & Qualifications

  •  Post-secondary education in an electrical technician program or equivalent experience
  •  Strong mechanical and electrical skills
  •  Familiar with industrial controls
  •  Knowledge of reading electrical schematics and drawings
  •  Motivated and driven
  •  Must have good organizational skills
  •  FR


  •  Minimum of three years of experience in wiring electrical panels is preferred
  •  Must have: electrical and mechanical experience in a manufacturing environment