Mining & Metallurgy


The globalization of the market has placed a tremendous amount of pressure on producers of metals and materials for cost-effective operations while exceeding both the government’s and the public’s expectations for clean and green production. These companies are all seeking resources to accompany them through the innovation cycle in order to get viable, higher margin processes and/or cutting-edge products to market.

Plasma technology has a natural versatility that makes it an ideal choice to address the specific challenges of mining, metallurgy and mineral processing. Its ability to use clean electricity to reach extreme temperatures is well suited for the production of high quality and highly traceable nanoparticles and other new advanced materials and nanomaterials. When it comes to developing or refining your early stage products and processes, PyroGenesis has the tools, the company’s team, the know-how, and the capabilities that can be leveraged to accelerate your work. Challenge is our fuel and innovation our destination.

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