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February 01, 2014 | Audio & Videos, Blog | 2 Comments


  • Gavin Bovell says:

    I am an energy expert working for a Caribbean Government, we are currently actively pursuing waste to energy technologies. I came across this site and would like to be furnished with some more general information with the hope of taking this initiative to the next level of discussion. I will like to know what is the average cost (Don’t have to be exact with cost, just ball park figure) of the smallest pyrogenesis unit capable of converting any and every type of waste and what is the energy output.
    Will gladly appreciate an urgent response.

    Gavin Bovell

  • John DeSchutter says:

    At this time I am I looking at generating power and heat while getting rid of wood material. Some more info would helpful at this time to help me sort out some supply issues and material issues.
    Thank for your time

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