Plasma Atomization

PyroGenesis is the inventor of Plasma Atomization. Patented in 2015, PyroGenesis’ System uses Plasma Atomization to make small, uniform, fully dense and spherical metal powders that flow like water, and which are highly sought after in the Additive Manufacturing (“AM”) industry.
PyroGenesis’ Plasma Atomization technology is recognized as the gold standard for producing 3D Printing Grade reactive metal powders, and addresses the exacting requirements of the AM industry.  The system has the distinction of producing highly flowable, and very pure spherical metallic powders.  Using wire as the feedstock, PyroGenesis’ system allows for a high level of traceability and unparalleled control of particle size which are critical requirements.
The standard offering includes commercially pure titanium (CPTi), grade 1, Ti 6Al-4V, grades 5 and 23, as well as Inconel; however customary offerings can be made. For more information, please view our Powder Page and/or contact our sales team at

Plasma Atomization
PyroGenesis - Plasma Atomization System
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