Plasma Atomization

Developed by our team of engineers, scientists and technicians, the Plasma Atomization Process is an enabling technology for 3D Printing as well as other additive manufacturing and powder metallurgy applications.  Recognized as THE standard technology for producing 3D Printing Grade reactive metal powders, our Plasma Atomization units can address the exacting requirements in terms of chemistry and properties required by the biomedical and aerospace industries.  The PAP has the distinction of producing highly flowable and very pure spherical metallic powders.  Using wire as the feedstock to the PAP allows for a high level of traceability and unparalleled control of the particle size, a critical requirement for the industries that the process addresses. Features and benefits of the Plasma Atomization include:

  • Metals which can be produced from the PAP include (but are not limited to) as Titanium, Niobium, Nitinol, Aluminum and other reactive metals (including alloys)
  • Capacity of up to 150 kg/day
  • Already qualified for use in producing the powder feedstock for numerous 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing systems and platforms.
  • PAP powders also ideal for metal injection molding, spray coatings (including cold spray) and other powder metallurgy applications
  • Powders are highly flowable & spherical, with few satellites, and a high level of purity (very low oxygen content)

Prequalifed and preheated wire is fed to the apex of three converging, patented plasma torches.  The intense energy and supersonic nature of the 10,000°C plasma plumes will melt the incoming wire and shear off the metal, creating tiny molten metal droplets.  These droplets will fall down an argon-filled, water-cooled chamber and be safely collected as perfectly spherical, fine metal powders at the bottom, with very little contamination.  The already fine powders are then sieved in an inert atmosphere to create the proper size distribution for the given application.

Plasma Atomization
Powders - Plasma Atomization
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