PyroGenesis Comments on Stock Trading Activity; Provides Company Snapshot/Update - PyroGenesis Canada Inc.

September 29, 2017 | Blog, Press Releases | One Comment

One Comment

  • Kim Smith says:

    I am an investor in PYR. I follow the company daily and the stock in particular multiple times during the days the market is open. I have noticed the last couple of months, basically since the share price became under pressure that certain things have been taking place. The main one is that every day there has been a total of 63000 shares for sale just a few cent’s above the ask price. It keeps appearing as to put downward pressure on the share price. Sometimes it will be just one or two orders making up the 63000 and other times it will be more like five or six but always in the total amount to sell of 63000. this can not be a coincidence but and orchestrated effort to keep the share price at a certain level or push it down. I wanted to bring this to your attention. Thank you

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